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*We recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning any cleanse. It's advisable to have support of a trusted health care practitioner during a cleanse to help with anything that might come up for you during the process.*


Let’s Get It Started:   a gentle beginners cleanse

"I have never done a cleanse before and am not sure what to expect.  I’m really excited to try it and would like to begin with a basic and gentle cleanse.  I’m not a vegetarian and don’t always get in as many fruits and veggies as I probably should, but I’m eager to improve my health and lifestyle and I know this will be a great start!"

What it includes:
2 L of Green Goodness, 1 L of Happy Heart, 12 oz of Lemon Zinger

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This cleanse is designed for the beginner.  It may be the right choice for you if you haven’t really cleansed before, don’t usually eat organic and have a bit (or a lot) of difficulty getting in your daily fruits and veggies.  You may want to lose a few pounds, or maybe more than a few, and feel that cleansing will be a great way to kick start your new and improved healthy lifestyle.  
You’re right that a cleanse is a great start but be warned…cleansing can be contagious!  You may feel so amazing after this cleanse that you’ll want to try some of the others. And the people around you may want to start a cleanse of their own once they see how great you look and how

Just Can't Get Enough:  an energizing intermediate cleanse to boost your system 

"I’m usually pretty mindful of what I eat and like to take care of my health.  I’ve done some cleanses in the past and am feeling ready to do one again.  I want to strengthen my immune system and give my body a chance to do some extra healing.   I’ve got a pretty high energy lifestyle and won’t be able to slow things down at all during this cleanse so I want to make sure I have enough calories and don’t feel tired all the time."

What it Includes: 2 L of Green Goodness, 1 L of Happy Heart, 1 L ABC 

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More details:
This cleanse is a nice intermediate one.  It may be the right fit for you if you tend to take good care of your health already but are looking to step it up.  This will be a gentle detox that will enable you to do everything you normally do.  And with your busy lifestyle, you’ll be thrilled that you found our service and have help with the prep work.  
Once you’ve finished this cleanse you’ll want to try the more intensive cleanse because you’ll be feeling so incredibly energized and motivated!  
Boom Boom Pow: an advanced cleanse to support deep healing

“I am ready for a big change.  I’m going to be working on some deep healing and will be able to slow things down for a little bit and really listen to my body during this cleanse.  I want to focus on alkalinizing my system and clearing out toxins to give my body a serious break.  My body will be able to direct more of its energy to healing and I’m so ready for this.”

What it includes:  
3 L of Green Goodness, 1 L of Lemon Zinger

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More details:
This cleanse is intended for those who want to do some deep and focused healing work.  It may be for you if you have done some other cleanses in the past and are in a good place in your life to really focus on you.  We suggest that you work together with a Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Holistic Nutritionist to optimize the process as you focus on healing the root causes of any disease or imbalance that you are experiencing.  

If you are looking for some big changes in your life and area ready to release things that no longer serve you, clear toxins, support healing and transform your health then this cleanse is for you!
Keep it Going: maintenance program to help you stay healthy and strong all year long

“I know how amazing I feel when I drink fresh juice but I simply don’t have the time to prepare it.  I have a juicer that is years old and I rarely use it because it is so much work and takes time to clean.  I want to have juice in my life on a regular basis, maybe once a week or even for one whole month each season, but I want you to do the work for me and make it easy.  I am so excited because I know this is going to help me be the healthiest me I can be!”

What it includes:  
4 Litres of your choice, delivered once weekly for 4 weeks. or 12 Litres of your choice, delivered once weekly for 4 weeks

Specialty Cleanses


"I’m getting married and I’m so excited!!! I want to do some cleansing as I get ready for the big day so that I can be my healthiest and most radiant self.  Life is still going to be busy, but I’m committed to putting myself first and know this is going to be an amazing process!

What it includes:
12 Litres of your choice, delivered once weekly for 6 weeks 

This program comes with a complementary 2 L of juice of your choice delivered the morning before your wedding so that you and your spouse-to-be have phenomenal energy and lots of nourishment to help you get through the busy and joyful days ahead (this can be deferred to any date within 2 weeks of your wedding day).  

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More details:
This cleanse is specially designed to support the bride-to-be as she prepares for the big day.  You want to feel and look your best that day and every day from now on, because this is the start of something new and you are ready. 
If you would like to do this cleanse with one of your bridesmaids, your husband-to-be or a loved one we’ll offer you a wonderful deal.  Ask about our group discounts!
Pre-Pregnancy Cleanse

"I’m planning to get pregnant, but I’m not trying yet.  First I want to get my body in tip top shape so that I’ll be strong and healthy for my baby-to-be.  I’m ready to do some cleansing and take some time out now to give my baby the very best start possible." 

This includes:
12 L of juice delivered once weekly for 12 weeks, save nearly $200

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A mother’s womb is a protective cocoon, about 300 quarts of blood circulates from mother to baby every day brining nutrients and oxygen to the developing baby.  According to a study done by the Environmental Working Group , a consumer advocacy group, this blood also delivers industrial pollutants like dioxins, consumer product chemicals like flame retardants and chemicals that come from pesticides.  The study tested samples of umbilical cord from 10 babies for 413 toxins and environmental pollutants.
The placenta doesn’t filter out industrial toxins and environmental pollutants.  The 10 babies in this study couldn't have inhaled, digested or absorbed the chemicals – the exposure was in the womb, where no blood brain barrier is available to protect their developing brains.  
This information is overwhelming, but it is also empowering because there is something you can do about it!  Our bodies are amazing and they are designed to clear out toxins.  Cleansing before pregnancy is important for the dad to be as well!  Clearing out toxins that have been stored in your body for years will give your baby the best start possible.
Always consult with your doctor before beginning this or any other cleanse.  It’s advisable to have support of a trusted health care practitioner during the cleanse to help with anything that might come up for you during the process.  
Detoxing is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so if you’re planning to get pregnant the perfect time for a cleanse is now.  You’ll be amazed at the energy and vitality that you feel and will create a good foundation for a healthy and joyful pregnancy in the future.
SOS Cleanse:

"I’m getting ready for a really special event and feel like I need a boost.  I want to be my best and most radiant self and think a cleanse is the way to go.   I’m ready to get healthier and can’t wait for everyone to comment on how glowing I look!"

This includes:
A 7 day juice cleanse with 4 L of juice per day.

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You’ve just found out about a special event that’s coming up, or maybe you’ve known about it for a while.  Perhaps a friends wedding, a vacation, a birthday party….You’re excited and you know that you want to feel and look your very best for this special occasion.  It’s time to release some of those old things that are no longer serving you and step into the healthiest more radiant version of yourself.  It's the perfect time for a cleanse!  You’re motivated and you’re ready for some positive and health supporting changes.  Bring it on!

Special Programs for Groups

Organic Juice Program

Sponsor a juice day for your family, friends or employees and have organic juices delivered for everyone *minimum order 4 L


A Smoothie A Day

Receive 3 L of our most popular green smoothies delivered to your doorstep on Monday and Thursday morning and enjoy a total of 6 different nourishing and alkalinizing smoothies within the week.  

Green Smoothie Program

You choose the smoothies you want and the amount you’d like, minimum order of 4 L *